We are proud to share the news: work on large-scale solar power plant projects deployed by Le Grand Lyon as part of the metropolitan energy plant has started in the Vallée de la Chimie. Terre et Lac, a photovoltaic from Lyon, deployed the shade boxes, installed panels and power plants and recently organized the installation of the first panels on the JTekt car park implementing the Solution Fusion Solar Huawei by GREEN POWER TECHNOLOGIE. With almost 9000 m² of solar panels above the factory parking lot, this project produces 2 GW of electricity per year with a power of 1.7 MW which is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 400 homes and saves 190 tonnes of CO2 per year. Based on a Seveso site, security is an important consideration for this project. Huawei FusionSolar solutions adapt the fuse-free design to significantly reduce the risk of fire, as well as smart IV curve diagnostics and PLC communication, to proactively detect and resolve the problem remotely, which ultimately avoids regular operation on the ground and protects workers from danger. We thank our partner Terre et Lac for trusting Huawei Solution.