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the Espace Carat photovoltaic shade project with Reden

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Peaugres' safari goes green using Huawei FusionSolar inverters. Realized by our partner REDEN, this installation of 4,690 photovoltaic panels, for a total power of 2,520 MWh / year, will allow…

A self-consumption project installed in Mediouna

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We are proud to share with you a self-consumption project installed in Mediouna, realized by our partner SOLARYOU Morocco with a total power of 160 kWp. This project is equipped…

FusionSolar Android App Download Guide

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FusionSolar Android app download guide (the complete guide is available in English, French and Spanish)  
Our core business: HUAWEI INVERTERS

Pourquoi travailler avec nous ?

Our One and Only Partner and Supplier : HUAWEI

We have signed a special partnership with The Global Giant HUAWEI in order to support the renewable energy’s sector (encouraging the development of solar parks …).

So Green Power Technologie is THE Single wholesaler / stockist, single-brand / single-product, providing HUAWEI’s inverter in France.

This partnership is part of HUAWEI’s development strategy in France and following the investment’s plan of 1.5 billion €uros announced by Ren Zhengfei, chairman and HUAWEI’s founder, on September 30th 2014.

« We are proud of this partnership and to support HUAWEI in the development of its activities in the ever-changing “Green energies’ market”. This partnership allows us to offer to our customers, innovative products that meet their technical and environmental requirements. » Arnaud SOURDRILLE, CEO of Inhusol Group

« We are delighted with this partnership and the trust of Green Power Technologie regarding our range of inverters, which confirms our ambition to work more with important players in sustainable development. » Karl SONG, Huawei’s CEO (France)

Where the biggest inverters’ manufacturers have stopped, HUAWEI actually took two steps ahead !

" Huawei always available for optimum performance"

Pourquoi choisir HUAWEI ?

A major player in the field of ITC, present in France for more than 10 years, HUAWEI is currently deploying its investment program in France for the period 2013-2017 and plans various partnerships with companies in the green energy sector

Vidéo de présentation Huawei


world leader in telecoms and ups

1st supplier to the world of photovoltaic inverters

bankability: 3rd world player in mobile telephony

more than 60.8 billion usd of sales in the world in 2015

present in 170 countries with 176,000 employees worldwide, of whom 79,000 are specialized in R & D; d

1.5 billion euros of investment in France in 2015

official partner of p.s.g (paris' football club) and of athletico madrid