Green Power Technologie

Venez partager l’expérience Huawei avec nous !

…You are the company we are looking for !

We are interested in All projects that may be under development in France and in Morocco for a 100% acquisition.
(Europe, Maghreb and other african countries…contact us)
We now have the possibility, through our financial partners, to contribute to the realization of all your projects (from 10 MW to 1 GW).

Green Power Technologie …

  • is your partner for the acquisition of the best material after international agreements with the Manufacturer HUAWEI.
  • becomes even stronger internationally and is entrusted with the development of HUAWEI’s products on several continents.
  • is directly linked to an international investor pool.

We invite all developers to contact us for their future plant projects. Our investors are looking for plants under development with the brand we represent, HUAWEI, because they want the best equipment, the most powerful, the most robust, and the most reliable on the market but also with an unsurpassed after sale service

Green Power Technologie is not only your partner for acquiring the best hardware.
Green Power Technologie also supports you in all aspects related to the funding parts of your projects.

Green Power Technologie can help you in the “investment” phase in different ways :

  • Direct investment by Green Power Technologie
  • Investment through Green Power Technologie ‘s Investors’ Network
  • Benefit from the best terms of payment thanks to our various banking partnerships
    Referenced : UNIFERGIE, BPI and other major international banking organizations
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